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  • 7. What activities are allowed in the GGEP?
    Activities allowed are biking, horse riding, walking on trails and the main dirt road, birding in all areas and dog walking but dogs are strictly to be on a leash.
  • 8. Is it safe to walk in the GGEP?
    It is relatively safe but we do urge users to be alert as it is a large relatively unprotected area. Crime is a problem throughout South Africa. That said, the GGEP strives to provide a safe recreational space with regular patrols throughout the environmental precinct. Our association with our neighbouring Winston Park Guardians initiative has also improved security within the GGEP.
  • 9. Where do I find details of trails and activities in the Giba Gorge Environmental Precinct?
    On the website or sign board as you enter the top entrance in St Helier Road. There is also information at the foot bridge.
  • 5. Who does the GGEP belong to?
    GGEP is a joint partnership between the Durban Metro Environmental department and the private landowners. This consists of more than 200 members spread over more than 400 HA.
  • 1. Where is the Giba Gorge Environmental Precinct (GGEP)?
    The Giba Gorge Environmental Precinct is in the Outer West of the Durban Metro area, and comprises the natural plateau and valley open spaces which splits the Winston Park and Gillitts suburbs. Its north and south boundaries are defined by the M13 and N3, respectively. The office is located in Longforgen Road off St Helier rd. (29°48’7.65″S / 30°46’23.06″E or see map under CONTACT.)
  • 2. How do I access the Giba Gorge Environmental Precinct (GGEP)
    The directions from Durban are as follows: (a) Travelling in a Westerly direction on the M13 from Durban to Pietermaritzburg, take turn off no 28 marked Hillcrest, Old Main Road, Winston Park. (b) At the traffic lights turn right towards Hillcrest and then first left into St Helier Road. (c) Travel down St Helier Road and just after the small dam on your right, turn left under the M13 and through the tunnel . The entrance to Giba Gorge is less than 1 kilometre, just after the hairpin bend. The boom on the dirt road is on the left hand side. Park at the hairpin bend. (29°48’9.88″S / 30°46’28.20″E or See MAP )
  • 4. What facilities are available in the Giba Gorge Environmental Precinct (GGEP)?
    Facilities offered in the Giba Gorge are walking, cycling, horse riding and dog walking. There are a number of walking trails and rest benches throughout the conservation area.
  • 6. Do I have to pay to enjoy the GGEP?
    There is no charge for entering, utilizing and enjoying our beautiful area. Donations are most welcome.
  • 3. What is the difference between the GGEP ( the Giba Gorge MTB Park and Giba Conservancy (
    GGEP is a registered NPO (non- profit Organisation), and was created to protect an open area of extreme environmental importance. This would ensure that the people of Durban could enjoy the unique biodiversity of grassveld and scarp forest in a relatively small 400 ha area, for many generations to come. The GGEP is a joint partnership project between the eThekwini Municipality and local community. It is an environmental conservation area which allows for a number of recreational activities, including mountain Biking. The Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park is a commercially operated and privately owned Mountain Bike Park. It offers cycling, walking and birding trails. Dogs on leashes and horse riders are also welcome.
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